Prevention Corner

Expanding training programs is central to the effectiveness of group prevention

By Elaine Clanton Harpine

As a follow-up to our three-part series on training programs in group prevention, we had a request put forth asking how many universities offer courses and/ or training programs in group prevention.

Earlier, we presented a look at several highlighted programs and we've talked about what would be involved in designing a new course in group prevention. It might be constructive at this point to seek input from the general readership. Do you have a training course or program that you would be willing to tell others about? Part of our goal this year in the Society Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy is to expand the networking strength of all group psychologists. This series on group prevention has generated several conversations and dialogues on our training needs in group prevention. Let us hear from you or tell a friend. If you know of a university course or training program that you feel is particularly effective and would be of benefit to others, send a short description and we will feature your responses in our next column.

Expanding training programs is central to the effectiveness of group prevention. We need to join together to strengthen training universally across the nation. Let us hear from you. What are you doing to strengthen training in group prevention? You may also send suggestions of what you wish we as a Society were doing to strengthen training in group prevention. This is your column; so take a minute to share your ideas. You may send comments and suggestions by email.

I look forward to hearing from you.