Division 49 board meeting minutes

Review the minutes from latest board meeting including updates from several committees heads

By Scott Conkright, PhD

Attendees:  Dr. Jean Keim, Dr. Gary Burlingame, Dr. Nina Brown, Dr. Lynn Rapin, Dr. Scott Conkright, Dr.
Katherine Rit- ter, Dr. Dennis Kivlighan, Dr. Gloria Gottseghen, Dr. Lee Gillis, Dr. Maria Riva,
Dr. Craig Parks, and Dr. Kevin Kulic

Excused:  Kyle Barry, Student Representative

Guests:  Dr. Leann Terry
Executive Committee Reports

Past-President’s Report:  Dr. Burlingame provided updates on:

  1. Replacement for Journal editor.

  2. Nominations and Elections 3. Research on Group Treatment.

President’s Report:  Dr. Keim gave an update on the status of the Foundation.

President Elect Report:  Dr. Brown gave possible venues for the January 6-8 Board meeting and that airline tickets will be coordinated with the APA office.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dr. Rapin handed out the Mid-Year Financial Summary (reviewed in the Finance Committee report below).

Secretary’s Report:  Dr. Conkright handed out the Secretaries report (discussion below under publications committee report).

Committee Reports and Action Items

Finance Committee:  Dr. Rapin shared that the cost for this year will be slightly higher due to convention and 20th year anniversary celebration. Board approved all costs. Member dues are somewhat down, possibly due to recession.

Income is around $40,000. Foundation fund is officially funded.

She received a letter from Dick Moreland who is bequeathing between $25,000 - $30,000 for a dissertation award.

Dr. Burlingame moved that a letter of acknowledgment be sent to Dr. Moreland and the motion was approved.

Fellow’s Committee:  Dr. Richard Hayes submitted a written report.  Board discussed the need to generate a list of potential fellows and the need for members at large to oversee this committee.

Division 49 Board Meeting Minutes Board discussed potential chairs for this committee and the need to review by-laws.

Program Committee:  Dr. Riva shared that there were more program submis- sion this year than last and that they were of very good quality. There were three student poster session winners. She recommended more poster session, for next year and that we find a way to better make use of the suite.

Action Item:  At the January Board meeting the Board needs to coordinate suite reservations between social and business meeting.

Publications Committee:  Dr. Parks will stay on as editor until 2012.

Action Item:  Need to possibly increase number of associate editors. Dr. Gillis informed the Board of the progress made on the new website.

Awards Committee:  Dr. Brown suggested that the Board address the role of this com- mittee in order to have it function better. Dr. Kulic volunteered to oversee student representatives & Dr’s Riva, DeLuca & Brown will review reward process.

Diversity Committee:  Dr. Conkright volunteered, at the request of Eric Chen.

Dr. Burlingame motioned that the Board approve Eric’s request that student members will be entitled to a one-year membership. Motion approved.

Ad Hoc Committees:  GPRN, Dr. Rapin participated on conference call with the three organizations.
Research Supported Treatment

School-Based M.H. Group Interventions
Executive Committee Detailed Reports on Items not incorporated into Committee Discussions Dr. Brown briefly discussed the following action items:

1. The possibility of having Board meeting two days before annual convention
2. Funding research projects on Group therapy and practice.