From your editors

The Division 49 newsletter editors encourage members to reflect on the dynamics of their work and social groups, and acknowledge the current division president for developing a non-profit foundation for the Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy

By Thomas Treadwell, EdD, and Leann Terry, PhD

With the fall season upon us, a number of groups are highlighted at this time of year: sport teams, new counseling groups, graduate student research teams, new committees at work….the list could go on and on. We encourage each of you to take a few minutes to observe the groups that you are in, reflect on what group dynamics are at work and what you are seeing in the group.

A very impressive group several months ago was our own! The Society’s schedule of events for the 119th APA Convention was impressive and rewarding. Thus, we have abstracted most poster presentations and will publish half of them for this issue and the remaining for our next issue. There is no time to rest, as it is now time to prepare and submit presentations for the 120th APA Convention being held in Orlando, FL, August 2–5, 2012.  Proposals for presentations, symposia, and other formal sessions will be considered for inclusion in the program if they are received by midnight EST on Thursday, December 1, 2011. All group-related proposals are solicited: posters, themed symposia, workshops, and continuing education sessions for Division 49, Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy are to be sent to Janice DeLucia-Waack, PhD, and Dennis Kivlighan, PhD. Janice is at the University of Buffalo, 403 Baldy Hall, Buffalo, NY 14620, (716) 645-1107; and Dennis is at the University of Maryland. All proposals must be submitted via the APA website. Sign in using your MyAPA login and password.

We applaud President Keim, who focused her efforts in developing a foundation for the Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy through APA’s Foundation. Donations are critical for the life of Society, and when you donate, clearly mark that it is for the Division 49 Fund. A pledge form is on page 30. President-Elect, Nina Brown asks for suggestions, and other ideas to further the Society for Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy. She lists numerous initiatives needing the Society’s attention and is asking members what current projects and endeavors you would be willing to join.

We have added a new column for this issue and would like your feedback entitled - “Catching  Up With Notable Member Accomplishments.” Please give us your thoughts on this and other topics, for instance: what do you think students and early career psychologists should know more about? What do you wish you had known more about during the early part of your career? What led you to pursue the work in which you are engaging currently? Your ideas and experiences are important and we need to share them with our membership.

Articles or brief reports and news items can be emailed directly to Tom, Letitia, Bambi or Leann, as can Letters to the Editor. We would also like to include book reviews, DVD’s, videos and on-line group interactions as part of the newsletter. On-line group interactions would be a newsworthy column, yet we need an editor for this. Please let us know if you are interested in starting this, or any other column.