President-elect's column

The division President-elect takes this opportunity to solicit input and feedback on suggested proposed initiatives and goals for 2012

By Nina Brown, EdD

As we enter November, I’m mindful that my term as President-Elect will be ending in a few months. One of the duties of the President-Elect is to identify and discuss presidential goals with the Society’s members; and I want to use this opportunity to solicit input and feedback from you on suggested proposed initiatives and goals for 2012. What follows was presented as my part of the presidential address where President Jean Keim presented the state of the Society; and I presented about possibilities for the future.

Objective: Research

Current – Research Committee, GPRN, Dissertation Award

New Possibilities/Initiatives – 2012

  1. Establish small research grants of $2000 as seed money to encourage research on groups.

  2. Commission white papers and guidelines for evidence based practices related to groups.*

Objective: Financial Sustainability

Current – Dues, Foundation, Journal, Investments

New Possibilities/Initiatives – 2012

  1. Increase support for the Foundation as we need to have $100,000 before we can begin making awards.

  2. Initiate a book series on group topics.

Objective: Visability

Current – Journal’s impact factor, Newsletter, Student Poster Awards, Conference offerings

New Possibilities/Initiatives – 2012

  1. Develop collaborative projects with other divisions.

  2. Nominate more representatives to APA boards, coalitions, task forces and the like.

  3. Respond to call for input on APA issues.

  4. Increase the number of Division Fellows.

  5. Create programs for APA conference to attract more attendees.

Objective: Member Benefits/Interactions & Input

Current – Conference programming, Journal, Newsletter, Website, Listserv, Promotional products

New Possibilities/Initiatives – 2012

  1. Web coaching for research and career issues.

  2. Publish abstracts of poster presentations in the newsletter.

  3. Provide small research grants (*See Objective: Research).

  4. Establish a peer review process for articles in the newsletter.

  5. Secure additional promotional items.

  6. Invite input on proposals, issues, and new ideas via the website.

  7. Create podcasts on current Group topics by the Society’s experts.

  8. Consider the feasibility of initiating a bulletin as an additional publishing opportunity.

Objective: Infrastructure

Current – Bylaws and Policy manual

New Possibilities/Initiatives – 2012

  1. Clarify procedures and processes for appointments, continuance, discontinuance (e.g., committees, chairs, representatives, etc.)

  2. Request more extensive reporting from representatives to APA committees.

  3. Increase communication opportunities among the Executive committee and with the Board.

Please email me with your comments, suggestions, and other ideas. I’m also interested in knowing which of these you would be willing to offer assistance as well as the current projects and endeavors you would be willing to join. The Society is fortunate to have a group of competent and willing volunteers who do an incredible amount of work. I’m fortunate to be a part of this group and appreciate the contributions of the offi cers, Board, and membership.