Division 49 board meeting

The recap of the division board meeting includes reports from executive committes and standing committees

By Scott Conkright, PhD

Charleston, South Carolina
January 7 - 8, 2012

Attendees: Dr. Jean Keim; Dr. Nina Brown; Dr. Scott Conkright; Dr. Katherine Ritter; Dr. Dennis Kivlighan; Dr. Gloria Gottsegen; Dr. Lee Gillis; Dr. Maria Riva; Dr. John Dagley; and Dr. Rebecca MacNair-Semands
Not in attendance: Dr. Lynn Rapin and Dr. Craig Parks
Guests: Dr. Leann Terry

Approval of theAugust 2011 Board Meeting:Approved unanimously

Approval of the agenda and schedule: Approved unanimously

Executive Committee Reports

President Report: Dr. Nina Brown

Planned meeting and has asked various board members to stay as committee chairs and coordinators. Budget will be given to Rebecca to review and approval will be electronically submittted by the end of January or early February 2012. Budget is difficult to formulate due to journal income fluctuations.

Past-President’s Report: Dr. Jean Keim

Cheri Marmarosh is replacing Dennis who resigned for health concerns. Impromptu committee was created in response to new editor’s family situation. Might have to do new search. Gary, Craig and Don Forsyth will help with this.

President-elect Report: Dr. Maria Riva

Trying to get specialty status for group through Counsel of Specialties.

Secretary’s Report: Dr. Scott Conkright

Board minutes are now going to be online. A template for board minutes was created by the secretary.

Treasurer’s Report

Reminder to keep original receipts and to make sure that all budget requests be public and approved by the board.

Old Business

  1. There was a concern about who was going to chair the Fellows committee and it appears to be Cheri Marmarosh, PhD. Dr. Maria Riva makes motion to ask chair to investigate the feasibility of providing summaries of current research summaries on the website. Goal is to have service to members. Agreed unanimously.

  2. It was proposed that the by-laws be changed so that the Development and Foundation committees be changed to standing committees. This was unanimously agreed to and will be presented to the membership for approval.

  3. A motion that the mid-winter be done via video conferencing was unanimously declined.

Second motion: Maria - a full day meeting be established with monetary support one day before the 2012 APA convention on August 1, and then evaluated. Unanimously passed.

Action Items
  1. Fellowship Committee: Need better record keeping.
    Motion to vote Dr. Sally Barlow as Group Psychologist of the year. Unanimously passed.

  2. Proposed By-Law Proposals

    a. Development Committee: A motion was made to make it a stand- ing committee in the By-Laws and was unanimously passed. This will be sent to the membership.

    b. Amotion to make the Foundation committee a standing committee. Jean provided a description of the foundations. Passed unanimously.

    c. A motion to was made regarding a name change to the Education and Training Committee. It will now be called the Committee on Education, Research and Training. Passed unanimously.

  3. Nominations and Elections: Requests for nominations will be sent out to membership one more time. The advisement of the Board will be solicited.

  4. Procedures for Student Poster Awards: Nina submitted a proposal for guidelines for student poster awards. 4 – 8 poster sessions were suggested. Accepted unanimously.

  5. Student Committee Co-Chair: Nina proposing that a member of the Board be a co-chair. Vote passed with one dissention.

  6. Proposal for Guidelines for Psychologist of the Year Award: Changes were accepted with one dissention.

Committee Reports

Counsel of Specialty

Presented by Dr. Maria Riva. We need a “synarchy” in order to get specialty designation. The question was raised as to whether or not we go for proficiency or specialty.

The Board has decided that we will apply for specialty status with the option of changing this to proficiency if sufficient information warrants this. Unanimously approved.

Foundation Committee

Jean passed out donation forms. Committee needs to do preparation work for what to do with monies once the foundation is fully funded such as types of awards and criteria. Information and access to donating will be put up on the website.

Development Committee

Dr. Nina Brown, who heads the editorial board, discussed the possibility of starting a book series and that there is currently a search for a publisher by the editorial board. Decision needs to be made about royalty split.

There was discussion of what sorts of training we should provide as a Division. The committee will provide a report at the next meeting.

Membership Committee

Dr. Elaine Clanton-Harpine reported that APA membership is up but that division membership is down. Most successful membership campaigns by other divisions focus on early career professionals. Elaine suggests that we have a breakfast reception for them at the APA convention.

Elaine would like us to consider that there be a committee for early career professionals and asked for approval for a co-chair.

Jean motioned that she be given $2,000 to put together a breakfast reception at the upcoming APA convention. Unanimously approved.

Program Committee

A tentative schedule for APA 2012 and was reviewed and tweaked by the Board.

Adding brunch on Friday morning, board meeting on Saturday from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. The social will be Saturday night, August 4th.

There was discussion of how best to use the suite.

Board suggesting dropping “speed mentoring” and to add hour on ethics. Other workshop suggestions were offered as well and there was talk of getting CEUs.

Publications Committee

Dr. Craig Parks was skyped in from Washington state as he was not able to attend due to difficulty finding a flight. He gave an update on the new editor, as well as informing us that we have a new associate editor. Pub Med has declined to list the journal but it will likely get accepted when the application comes up again in three years.

President created ad hoc committee for Development and the Board unanimously approved it.

Need to update committee listing and roster for the website. Lee pointed out various new features of the website. Considering early career professionals tab.

The Group Psychologist (Leann): want shorter articles, and need more subject areas and writers. Don’t need to publish minutes there as they are available at the website.

Budget: Dr. Rebecca MacNair-Semands raised the question of what to do with expenses related to liaison and/or representative work to other organizations. She is going to see what reasonable and normal costs guidelines are available.