Donate to the Division 49 fund

The Division 49 fund was established to provide grants to division members, particularly students and early career psychologists

To help support the growth of the next generation of therapists and researchers, APA's Division 49 has pledged $100,000 to the American Psychological Foundation to establish a fund that will provide travel and early career research grants, student scholarships and other funding opportunities for its members.

The division has a five-year plan to reach its $100,000 cash goal by 2016. Division 49 members have started contributing to the fund on their own as well, which may mean that the division could reach its goal and start offering grants by 2014, Keim says. To encourage more contributions, the division set up a system that allows members to donate any amount they choose directly from their bank accounts, either in monthly payments or one lump sum.

Division 49 Fund Donation/Pledge Fund