Ad hoc Early Career Group Psychologist (ECGP)

The ECGP Committee plans to add additional resources for teaching to current website resources

By Joe Miles

The Ad Hoc Early Career Group Psychologist (ECGP) Committee is working on creating a section of the Society website with resources for ECGPs. We hope to include sections on research, teaching, practice, leadership/service, awards, diversity, work-life balance, etc.

We are writing to request your help in this effort. We are looking for resources that Society members might be willing to share on the website. Specifically, we are looking for syllabi from group classes, reading lists, suggested training videos, and class activities that could help ECGPs as they prepare for and begin teaching about and supervising group work.

In addition to resources for teaching, we would also like to highlight research conducted by ECGPs. We invite any ECGPs to share with us references or links to full-text documents of recent group research that they would like to share on the website.

Thank you for your help!

Resources and research can be sent to:

Joe Miles, Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Tennessee
410C Austin Peay
Knoxville, TN 37996
Telephone: (865) 974-4183