President's column

The division president discusses proposed changes to the division bylaws, new ad hoc committees have the potential to beome standing committees, and updated information about the funding for the Division 49 Foundation

By Nina Brown, EdD

The board met for a day and a half on January 7 - 8, 2012, in Charleston, SC. Many issues and items were discussed and actions taken. Since all of these are in the minutes in this issue of the newsletter and on the website, I’ll only highlight a few here: proposed bylaw changes, group as a specialty, the foundation, fellows, membership and the policy manual.

The proposed bylaw changes are to allow two ad hoc committees, Development and Foundation, to become standing committees, and to incorporate the purpose and function of another ad hoc committee, research, into an existing standing committee would be retitled as the Education, Research and Training Committee. Ad hoc committees are constituted for one year and must be reappointed by the president for the subsequent year. If approved by the members, the two new committees will have their membership, chair and charge specified, and the other ad hoc committee’s responsibilities would be added to the existing committee.

There was an extended discussion about the specialty designation. We’ve tried several times to attain the designation, but were rejected each time having enough evidence presented to support the designation. Another possibility would be to try for designation as proficiency first, and then go for specialty. After considerable review of the benefits and constraints for the choices, the board voted to prepare the documents for designation as a specialty. President-elect Maria Riva is heading this task, and if you are interested in working on this please let her know.

Past president Jean Keim updated our information about the foundation. The papers were signed at the convention to set up the society’s foundation under the APF (American Psychological Foundation), and when the minimum of $100,000 is reached, we can begin making awards from the earned interest. The society has contributed $40,000 with a pledge of up to an additional $12,000 per year until the minimum is reached. As president, Jean asked board members to pledge to the foundation, and she reported that $7,000 had been given and pledged to date. General fundraising from members is scheduled to begin later this year. However, you don’t have to wait to give. Contact Jean for details on giving.

The organization has not proposed new fellows for several years, and the board asked that the committee solicit and propose nominations. Sally Barlow is chairing the committee, and we ask that you nominate someone or yourself to be fellow. Contact Sally or visit the website for criteria.

The board divided into workgroups to engage in planning and setting priorities. Each of the three workgroups had membership as the most prominent issue and that is our priority for 2012.

The committee chair Elaine Clanton-Harpine, suggested that the committee have a co-chair and if you are interested, please let both Elaine and I know.

One of the challenges that I face is that much of the necessary information is in people but not present in the policy manual. In fact, you have to know what person to ask as the information seems to be scattered having happened over the years. The board agreed to review the current policy manual which is a blend of bylaws sections, policies, and procedures. It also seems that some policies voted by the boards have not yet made it into the manual. Reviewinging policy manuals is a tedious task not much relished by anyone, but is needed for now and subsequent years. Our Webmaster, Lee Gillis, had put the manual on a site where we can all review it from off-site. We’ll keep you updated on progress.

The programming for the 2012 APA Convention in Orlando, FL (August 2 – 5) is very exciting. Janice DeLucia-Waack and the program committee has put together an interesting and informative program that will include a panel on ethics, an experiential group, meet the experts, the group psychologist of the year address by Sally Barlow, and many other offerings. We will also be sponsoring an Early Career Psychologist (ECP) breakfast/brunch, and the society’s social event on Friday. Consult the website for updates and more information as these are in the process of being developed.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or desire more information.