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Journal of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society: "Thinking about our work"

Call for short articles describing issues in group therapy

By Dominick Grundy

Group is starting a regular feature called “Thinking About Our Work.” In addition to our regular articles, we are looking for short pieces describing something that group therapists think (or worry?) about, something that may be missing in the literature, or in conferences, or in training programs. It should be on the short side — no need for elaboration or scholarly references — but it should not just be personal. So far Walter Stone has contributed several, but we are inviting contributions from all readers in our field. Your idea can be based on late-night cogitation, a sudden flare of insight, or a warm-up to something longer in the future. Ideally, it lies midway between formal scholarship and blogging. It’s a great chance for those who lack time for (or who feel anxious about) commitment to a full-blown article. It is a less taxing way to share interests and professional ideas with other therapists.

Please contact the editor, Dominick Grundy, by email.