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Committee reports

Fellows nomination and convention costs

By Sally H. Barlow, PhD, and Rebecca MacNair-Semands

Fellows Chair Report

This year Division 49 has nominated distinguished group therapist and author Gerald Corey as a Fellow for our society. He is eminently qualified. All materials were submitted in the summer for the 2013 award. However, I learned at the APA Fellows meeting in Orlando at the Annual Meeting in August that APA has just moved to an electronic format and will have to resubmit all materials again. This will not be a problem, just a slight hiccup in the process. Our committee—Gary Burlingame, Andy Horne, and myself—welcome your ideas about future fellows! I also wear another hat as the current president of the Academy of Group Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology. With that hat on, I encourage all members of our society to consider sitting for the ABGP exam.

Treasurer’s Report

Convention costs for August 2012 came in under budget this year by over $500. Special thanks to Kathy Ritter and Sarah Appleton, who helped keep the cost of food and beverages for the socials down. We were also able to reduce the cost of the Early Career breakfast after the manager received our request due to having fewer attendees than had RSVP’d. Distributing electronic board and business meeting reports also reduced copying/materials expenditures. Further, the hotel initially required the rental of the suite for 3 nights, but we managed to get it for only 2 nights. Award costs and gifts were also decreased from last year. So, although we had to pay for an extra suite night over the prior year and had an additional catered social to welcome newly elected board members, kudos are given to all for working so hard to keep us under budget.