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By Thomas Treadwell, EdD, and Leann Terry, PhD

It was nice seeing many of you at the APA Annual Convention. Generally, we had an extremely successful gathering and a great deal of work was accomplished. The early career psychologists embarked on a focused start and are interested in adding to the Society’s vitality. President Brown outlines some of the society’s growths in her column reflecting where Division 49 is heading with full reports one can view on our website.

We are getting ready for our next APA conference, to be held in Hawai'i. The 2013 convention will be an excellent way to get reconnected, gain new skills and knowledge and come together as part of a larger group to revitalize and enjoy each other’s company. Coupled with this, President-elect Maria Riva outlines a program that concentrates on great learning opportunities for early professionals, seasoned professionals, researchers and those that provide training in group.

On and off over a number of years a discussion regarding the format of The Group Psychologist has emerged: Do we send a paper or electronic copy? The suggestion has been made recently that the newsletter be delivered as an online newsletter starting with our next issue, February 2013 (likely sent to you has a PDF, available on Division 49’s website for download, or both). We encourage you to take time to reflect on your preferences and share your thoughts with us.

Articles or brief reports and news items can be emailed directly to Tom, Letitia, Noranne and Leann, as can letters to the editor. We would also like to include book reviews, DVDs, videos and online group interactions as part of the newsletter.