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The editors are excited to be a part of an organiza­tion that fosters and values the advance­ment of group psychology and group psychotherapy.
By Thomas Treadwell, EdD, and Leann Terry Diederich
It was nice seeing many of you at the AGPA Annual Convention in New Orleans and we are looking forward to APA’s Convention in August. This is another excellent way to get reconnected, gain new skills and knowledge, and come together as part of a larger group to revitalize and enjoy each other’s company.

In this issue, President Riva mentions in her column that group psychotherapy is becoming an even more widely used method of treatment and often considered the “treatment of choice” for certain problems. She proposes emphasizing training and supervision of groups, areas that have been neglected. Although she mentions that “the emphasis continues to be heavily on individual treatment,” there is now sufficient data showing group therapy is as efficient/effective as individual therapy (Burlingame, 2011).

We are excited to share more about President-Elect Lee Gillis, who has the vision of focusing on graduate training and internship placement coupled with finding doctoral and master level programs fostering group psychology. This vision will assist students in locating programs of study. This is indeed an area needing development to overcome the paucity of research and information. If you train undergraduate and/or graduate students in group psychology, email Lee.

We are excited to be a part of an organization that fosters and values the advancement of group psychology and group psychotherapy. In today’s world, groups are an integral part of our communities. They range from a simple Gmail Hangout between friends (aka a popular method for a video conference call), to an executive board meeting in New York City, to a support group of cancer survivors, to organizations boycotting elections. Training individuals in how to best understand group dynamics and provide group psychotherapy is critical. We are pleased to see the division lLeadership fostering a culture of training and advancement of these crucial skills.

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