Early Career Group Psychologist Column

Call for collaborative group workshops, posters and symposia

The program co-chairs call for submissions, both with other divisions and with Div. 49 alone, to be submitted in November and December for the 2014 convention.

By Joe Miles and Jill Paquin

The Society for Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy (Div. 49) is excited to announce our 2014 Convention Theme: "Experience Group/The Group Experience."

We welcome submissions for symposia, workshops and posters related to group work in a variety of contexts, from both research and practice perspectives.  Remember there are three student poster awards.

In particular, we invite ideas for programming in the following areas: research related to group process, outcomes, and mechanisms of change; research related to facilitating groups across a variety of themes, populations, problems, and settings; research related to group work with diverse and/or marginalized populations; research related to the training of group practitioners; and research-informed programming that includes experiential groups (e.g., a "training of trainers" process-oriented group for group therapists) or skills-based workshops (e.g., using motivational interviewing in a group format) for convention attendees who are interested in enhancing their own "group experience," or in gaining additional experience using group interventions.

The deadline to submit collaborative proposals (proposals that include presenters from two or more APA divisions) is Nov. 1, 2013. 

The deadline to submit proposals that are intended to be sponsored only by Div. 49 is Dec. 1, 2013.

Please contact Division 49 Program Co-Chair Jill D. Paquin with any questions you may have.  (Note this is a change from what appears in the current "Call for Programs" you may have received from APA.)

All information about submissions can be online.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!