President-Elect’s Column

2014 convention theme is “Experience Group/The Group Experience”

A review of the 2013 convention, explanation of the 2014 convention theme and a list of graduate training programs that feature group therapy.

By Lee Gillis, PhD

The grand experiment of live (and now archived at Google Hangouts while at the APA convention was a great learning experience and successful as a first venture into using the Internet to disseminate information about group research and teaching group theory or practice.  Many thanks to Leann Diederich our membership chair and at-large board member for helping to organize and stage these two events. We received some press in the APA Division Spotlight for our experiment. Special thanks go to Dennis Kivlighan and Gary Burlingame for agreeing to share their wisdom.  Both videos are right under an hour and can be found on the Society's Facebook or Google+ page. More of these hangouts are planned in the coming months and information will be provided to membership using the listserv and other means of contact.

I am promoting a 2014 Convention Theme of "Experience Group/The Group Experience".  This theme encompass experiential programs that may occur during the convention where attendees can be part of a group, as well as programs and posters that support practice based evidence on both process and outcome research on what happens during or as a result of a group experience.

In trying to achieve a presidential year goal of identifying graduate training programs that feature group therapy, I have found, listed in an appendix of Norcross & Sayette (2011), the following specialty clinics or practica sites in their doctoral programs: Antioch University New England (PsyD), Argosy University, Chicago (PsyD) (Clinical), Baylor University (PsyD) (Clinical), DePaul University (PhD) (Clinical), Fuller Theological Seminary (PhD & PsyD) (Clinical), George Mason University (PhD) (Clinical), George Washington University (PhD) (Clinical), Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus (PsyD)(Clinical), Marquette University (PhD) (Clinical), Miami University (PhD) (Clinical), New Mexico State University (PhD) (Counseling), Nova Southeastern University (PhD & PsyD) (Clinical), Pepperdine University (PsyD) (Clinical), Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (PsyD)(Clinical), The Wright Institute (PsyD) (Clinical), University of Colorado at Boulder (PhD) (Clinical), University of Denver (PsyD) (Clinical), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (PhD)(Clinical), University of Louisville (PhD) (Counseling), University of Maryland-College Park (PhD) (Counseling), University of Miami (PhD) (Clinical), University of Northern Colorado (PsyD) (Counseling), University of Pennsylvania (PhD) (Clinical), University of Pittsburgh (PhD) (Clinical), University of Rhode Island (PhD) (Clinical), Widener University (PsyD) (Clinical), Wright State University (PsyD) (Clinical). 

I cannot imagine that this is the most current or complete list (especially since a new edition of the Norcross & Sayette book is expected in January of 2014).  I ask for your help to identify group therapy and group psychology doctoral programs. Please send me  any programs you know of in order to gather as accurate a list as possible. The plan is to put the list on our website and keep it current.  In addition, I am also seeking internship sites that promote group therapy experiences, so please send these along also. 


Norcross, J.C. & Sayette, M.A. (2011) Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology 2012/2013 Edition, NY: Guilford.