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We invite you and your students to join Div. 5 of the American Psychological Association. Div. 5 represents the scientific rigors of evaluation, measurement, assessment, statistics, and qualitative inquiry. Because measurement, methods, and rigorous inquiry are at the core of all fields of psychology, staying current with best practices in these areas is integral to one’s professional development regardless of research area or specialty.

Membership in Div. 5 provides the opportunity to participate in this critical aspect of professional development. Div. 5 is a vibrant community that serves the core interests and needs of rigorous scientific inquiry in the social sciences. Review our aims, activities, and benefits; then join APA Div. 5 today. If you are already a Div. 5 member, please forward this invitation to students and colleagues of yours who are not members but who may also benefit from our mutual interests in best-practice methods and modes of scientific inquiry.


APA convention presentations on topics of broad public and cross-disciplinary interest, such as legal issues in testing, standards for evaluation research, and methodological training of psychologists.

  • The division’s quarterly newsletter, The Score, covers current issues in evaluation, measurement, assessment, statistics and qualitative inquiry; APA news relevant to Div. 5; job announcements; activities of Div. 5 members; and the APA convention program for Div. 5.
  • Div. 5 dues for APA members, non-APA affiliates, and student affiliates support the outreach and advocacy activities of the division and pay for issues of valuable scholarly journals. Psychological Methods is devoted to the development and dissemination of methods for collecting, analyzing, understanding, and interpreting psychological data. Psychological Assessment publishes mainly empirical articles concerning clinical assessment. Qualitative Psychology provides a forum for innovative methodological, theoretical, and empirical work that advances qualitative inquiry in psychology.  
  • Div. 5 is active in the Science Directorate of APA and its activities, including Science Weekend at the APA convention.
  • Div. 5 maintains two email lists. DIV5 serves as a vehicle for discussion among members on topics related to evaluation, measurement, statistics, and assessment and qualitative inquiry. DIV5ANN is used for announcements from division leadership, such as convention or workshop information or policy changes.
  • Div. 5 maintains a Web page that includes general information regarding the division and members-only information.

Membership Categories

Full members of Div. 5 fall into one of three categories, with a student category also available:
  • Member: members or fellows of APA.
  • Associate member: associate members of APA.
  • Affiliate member: Active professional in fields related to evaluation, measurement, research design, assessment, statistics or qualitative inquiry (APA membership not required).
  • Student affiliates are graduate students in psychology or related fields who have an interest in evaluation, measurement, research design, assessment or statistics (APA student affiliation not required).
Dues are:
  • Member/associate member: $44 per year which includes a subscription to either Psychological Methods or Psychological Assessment.
  • Affiliate member: $21 per year; no journal subscription included.
  • Student member: $9 per year.
Div. 5 members choose one or more sections:
  • The Assessment Section focuses on construction of assessment instruments, collection of assessment information, and decision-making processes related to such information.
  • The Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics Section focuses on psychometric theory, evaluation, test construction, and research methods.
  • The Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology focuses on principles and practices of qualitative inquiry.

Note: It is possible to hold membership in multiple sections. However, for purposes of representation in APA, it is necessary to select one of the sections as your primary category.

How to Join

APA membership is not required for Div. 5 membership. However, in order to join Div. 5 online you will have to register on the APA website. Please note that registration on the APA website does not mean that you are registering for APA membership. Join Div. 5.

Date created: 2015