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Keep up with the absolute latest Div. 5 news through its two email lists.

DIV5 serves as a vehicle for discussion among members on topics related to evaluation, measurement statistics, and assessment.

DIV5ANN is used exclusively for announcements from division leadership, such as convention or workshop information or policy changes. This is a one-way list that does not support listwide replies (that is, it is not structured to support discussion).

To subscribe to either or both lists, send the following message to LISTSERV@LISTS.APA.ORG:

  • SUBSCRIBE DIV5ANN John Doe for the announcement list.
  • SUBSCRIBE DIV5 John Doe for the discussion list.
     (Change "John Doe" to your name).

If you have any questions, contact the email list moderator.

Div. 5 subscribers can now:

Suspend or otherwise manage their subscriptions (courtesy of Div. 5 member Ken Pope).

Date created: 2015