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Latest titles in the fields of quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Latent Variable Models: An Introduction to Factor, Path, and Structural Equation Analysis, Fifth Edition

By John C. Loehlin and A. Alexander Beaujean
Published in December 2016 by Routledge ($155.00 hardback; $64.95 paperback)

This book introduces latent variable models by utilizing path diagrams to explain the relationships in the models. This approach helps less mathematically-inclined readers to grasp the underlying relations among path analysis, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling, and to set up and carry out such analyses. This revised and expanded fifth edition again contains key chapters on path analysis, structural equation models, and exploratory factor analysis. In addition, all text and figures have been re-formatted, and it contains new material on composite reliability, models with categorical data, factor retention, bi-factor models and communicating about latent variable models.

Adverse Impact Analysis: Understanding Data, Statistics and Risk

Edited by Scott B. Morris and Eric M. Dunleavy
Published in 2017 by Routledge ($160.00 hardback; $59.95 paperback; e-books also available)

Compliance with federal equal employment opportunity laws and regulations requires the collection and analysis of data on group disparities in employment outcomes (i.e., adverse impact). This edited volume brings together the diverse literature on adverse impact analysis, integrating perspectives from industrial-organizational psychology, human resource management, labor economics, and law. The book provides guidance on data collection, basic and advanced statistical analyses and common practical challenges when evaluating adverse impact in the context of employee selection, promotion, compensation and termination decisions.

Analyzing Text and Discourse: Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences

By Kristina Boréus and Göran Bergström
Published in March 2017 by SAGE Publications Ltd. ($99.00 hardback; $36.00 paperback; e-books also available)

This anthology of textual analysis methodologies offers a thorough introduction for students and researchers. It covers the theory, key approaches, and tools for implementation of some important qualitative analysis methods in social sciences. Using concrete examples, the book illustrates advantages and disadvantages as a guide and foundation for adopting these methods in the reader's work. Methods covered in this book include content analysis, narrative analysis, metaphor analysis and discourse analysis, among other topics.

Media Metrics: An Introduction to Quantitative Research in Mass Communication

By Manoj Dayal
To be published in May 2017 by SAGE Publications Ltd. ($24.00 paperback)

Media research is a growing field, and this book offers a pioneering and comprehensive introduction to statistical tools, design, and methodology commonly used in mass communication research. It covers both theory and examples of scientific methods of data collection and analysis and explains how to interpret and implement results from quantitative studies. The book discusses traditional print and electronic media, advertising, public relations, and communications. It guides readers through the challenges of media measurement, including quantification, datafication and assessment, and helps in developing skills of media audience analysis, making it a valuable resource for students and researchers alike.

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