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Latest titles in the fields of quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Applied Qualitative Research Design: A Total Quality Framework Approach"
By Margaret R. Roller and Paul J. Lavrakas

This book provides an encompassing guide to conducting and analyzing qualitative research. Through the use of practical examples, the strengths, limitations, and applications of various methods are discussed. The research covers a wide range of disciplines and methodologies, including interviewing, focus groups, case studies, and ethnography. The text may prove especially useful for instructional purposes, as the chapters demonstrate how to implement each method within a paradigm-neutral and flexible Total Quality Framework (TQF) comprising four components: Credibility, Analyzability, Transparency, and Usefulness. Later chapters discuss issues related to writing and reporting qualitative research, and additional content and resources are available digitally.

Advanced Issues in Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling
By Joseph F. Hair, Jr., Marko Sarstedt, Christian M. Ringle, and Siegfried P. Gudergan
Published April 2017 by SAGE Publications, Inc ($38.00 paperback; e-books also available)

This text is an accessible resource for advanced content regarding structural equation modeling (SEM). Students and researchers alike can use this book understand problems, apply solutions, and interpret results. A review of basic elements of SEM is provided prior to in-depth discussion of advanced material. Topics covered include a historical review of partial least squares SEM, model estimation, measurement issues, and case studies. Additional examples, datasets, and exercises are available digitally.

Evaluation Essentials, Second Edition: From A to Z
By Marvin C. Alkin and Anne T. Vo
Published October 2017 by Guilford Press ($76.50 hardback; $38.25 paperback, e-books also available)

Through detailed case studies, exercises, and step-by-step guidelines, readers will find practical information and advice to conduct and use evaluations. This revised and updated edition offers students and professional evaluators with advice on the development of questions, how to collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data, and how to manage complexity. Specific attention is paid to gaining buy-in, developing relationships, and navigating contracts with stakeholders when conducting evaluations. New topics for this edition include qualitative coding, context-sensitive and culturally sensitive evaluation practices, and data visualization.

Sample Size Calculations in Clinical Research, Third Edition
By Shein-Chung Chow, Jun Shao, Hansheng Wang, and Yuliya Lokhnygina
Published August 2017 by CRC Press ($99.00 hardback; e-books also available)

Four new chapters were added in this new edition to assist researchers conducting clinical research. Sample size calculation procedures for various data types and development stages are outlined in detail in this book, including relevant formulae and drawing upon realistic examples. Case studies from a wide range of therapeutic domains are used to illustrate statistical concepts and interpretation considerations. This book offers a unified presentation of emerging issues, associated statistics, and practical applications. New chapters include content regarding low incidence, adaptive design, and clinical trial simulations.

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