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These are stand-alone workshops related to quantitative and qualitative methods. This list is for information purposes only. To add a workshop, contact the Div. 5 website coordinator, Alex Beaujean.

Longitudinal S.E.M. with Mplus

This self-paced online workshop provides step-by-step instruction for a variety of longitudinal techniques in Mplus, including longitudinal confirmatory factor analysis and measurement invariance testing, latent change score, autoregressive and growth curve models, and trait change models. For more information and to enroll, visit the workshop website

Location: online, on-demand 
Instructors: Christian Geiser

Multilevel Modeling with Mplus

This self-paced online workshop covers foundational techniques in multilevel modeling, including multilevel regression, grand mean and group mean centering, longitudinal growth models as multilevel models, and multilevel confirmatory factor analysis. No prior Mplus experience required. For more information and to enroll, visit the workshop website.

Location: online, on-demand
Instructors: Christian Geiser 

The Pittsburgh Summer Methodology Series

All courses are offered in a synchronous virtual format. Visit the series webpage for more information.

Equity-Informed Measurement

May 17–19, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.
Instructors: Matthew Diemer

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling

June 7–9
Instructors: Aidan Wright

Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling

June 10–11
Instructors: Aidan Wright

SMART Clinical Trial Design

June 16–17
Instructors: Kelley Kidwell

Designing Ambulatory Assessment Studies

July 12–13
Instructors: Aidan Wright

Multilevel Modeling for Longitudinal Data

July 14–16
Instructors: Aidan Wright

Applied Machine Learning in R

July 19–23
Instructors: Jeffrey Girard and Shirley Wang

Mplus From Scratch

This beginner-friendly, self-paced short course provides step-by-step guidance in using Mplus to perform S.E.M. Topics include: data preparation and basic Mplus procedures; confirmatory factor analysis and path analysis; and latent variable modeling and reporting practices. Datasets, syntax, and supporting handouts are provided. For more information or to register, visit the course website.  

December 14, 2020
Location: online, asynchronous 
Instructor: Christian Geiser

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