The Training Council for Clinical Psychopharmacology is comprised of the training directors of the postdoctoral clinical psychopharmacology programs. Council members include directors of APA-designated programs, directors of programs seeking designation and individuals in states where programs are being developed.

The purpose of the council is to monitor, coordinate and ensure that training in clinical psychopharmacology includes APA requirements, current clinical practice and relevant knowledge. This group works to support each other in fulfilling the mission of providing clinical psychopharmacology training, as well as support the development of new training programs around the country. The council monitors the issues and needs addressed by clinical psychopharmacology and suggests modifications in training to match the development trends. Additionally, they work to monitor the compliance of their educational programs to the guidelines of the APA, as well as the laws in the various states where legislation has been passed to allow psychologists trained in clinical psychopharmacology to prescribe.

Judi Steinman


  • Anne Farrar-Anton
  • Alan Lincoln
  • Casey McDougall
  • Judi Steinman
  • Gery Rodriguez-Menendez
  • Bethe Lonning
  • Page Havalind

Clinical Psychopharmacology Programs

Active programs in clinical psychopharmacology:

  • CSPP-Alliant International University*
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University*
  • New Mexico State University*
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Idaho State University 

* Indicates programs that have received APA designation.

Date created: February 2019