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Awards Nomination Deadline Extended

The Brenda A. Milner and Clifford T. Morgan Awards have been extended

The Milner and Morgan Awards have received few nominations this year. The awards committee needs your help with award nominations. Please nominate your col leagues, former students, and former mentors! Send nomi- nations for these awards to Matthew Cooper by January 14, 2011 via email or regular mail (Department of Psychology, 312 Austin Peay Building, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-0900). In your nomination please include the name of your nominee, the award for which you are nominated them, and a brief statement of support.

The Brenda A. Milner Award recognizes the author of an outstanding paper in the field of behavioral neuroscience or comparative psychology. The nominee must be a member of Division 6 and within five years of having received their Ph.D. at the time of award nomination. The paper must be currently in press or have been published within the same five year window. The paper may be co-authored, but the applicant must be the senior author and the paper must represent original work of the applicant. Please include a copy of the paper if it is not yet published or readily available. Recent recipients include Jessie Peissig, Michael Beran, Kimberly Christian, Nichole Avena, and Bradley Sturz. (Nonmembers may apply for Division 6 membership at the time of their nomination).

The Clifford T. Morgan Distinguished Service to Division 6 Award recognizes members of Division 6 who have made sustained and exceptional contributions to the Division in both scholarly work and service. Recent recipients include Karen Hollis, Nancy Dess, Sangeeta Panicker, and Eric Wiertalak.