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Division 6 APA Convention Program

2011 APA Convention program and schedule for Division 6

Thursday, August 4

Paper Session: Comparative Psychology - History and Evolution (9-9:50am)

Chair: Jesse Purdy


  • Donald Dewsbury, "Historical trends in American comparative animal psychology"
  • Edward Eisenstein, "Evolutionary significance of the simple learned-behaviors of habituation and sensitization for organism survival"

Paper Session: Comparative Psychology - Applied Animal Behavior (10-10:50am)
Chair: Jeffrey Alberts

  • Gordon Bauer, "Tactile senses of the Florida Manatee"
  • Jilian Fazio, "Behavioral assessment of the Clouded Leopard"
  • Jessica Owens, "Anthropogenic noise disrupts behavior in Parids: An experimental test of the effects of traffic noise on Carolina Chickadees and Tufted Titmice"

Paper Session: Comparative Psychology - Physiological Bases of Behavior (11-11:50am)
Chair: Jesse Purdy


  • Fawzy E. Abd Alazim Daw, "Relationship between cerebral hemispheres and anxiety"
  • Bobbie Jean Koen, "Location and effects of fluency in children with the characteristics of dyslexia"

Symposium: Comparative Psychology and Evolutionary Psychology - Bridging Divisions Fosters Crosstalk and Collaboration (2-3:50pm)
Chairs: Todd Shackelford, Jennifer Vonk


  • Heidi Lynn, "Cognitive parallels in divergent species: What analogous abilities may tell us about the evolution of the human mind"
  • Francys Subiaul, "Learning the rules: Evidence from human and nonhuman apes"
  • Louise Barrett, "If cognitivism is the answer, what was the question?"
  • William McGibbin, "Human psychological adaptation to sperm competition"

Poster session: Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology (4-4:50pm)

Friday, August 5

Invited Address: Senior Fellows Talk (9-9:50am)
Chair: Mark Stanton
Speaker: Charles Snowdon, "Social neuroscience of cooperative breeding"

Symposium: Effective Management of Animals in Nontraditional Captive Setting— Using Science to Improve Lives (10-11:50am)
Chair: Steven Schapiro


  • Gordon Burghardt, "Environmental enrichment, cognitive challenges, and psychological well-being: Relevant for captive reptiles too?"
  • Katherine Leighty, "Multiple benefits of studying the minds of zoo animals"
  • Heidi Hellmuth, "Does it work? Evaluating management strategies to enhance zoo animal welfare"
  • Erika Bauer, "Applied behavioral research for problems solving in a zoo setting"
  • Steven Schapiro, "Empirical evaluations of the effects of behavioral management techniques on psychological well-being in captive nonhuman primates"

Skill Building Session: Research in Animal Cognition—A Demonstration of the Think- Tank Exhibit, National Zoological Park (1-2:50pm)
Chair: Lisa Stevens

Saturday, August 6

Invited Address: Behavioral Neuroscience Best Paper Award (9-9:50am)
Chair: Mark Blumberg
Speaker: Sergio Pellis, "The neurobiology of play behavior"

Invited Address: Frank Beach Best Paper Award (10-10:50am)
Chair: Gordon Burghardt
Speaker: Nobuyuki Kawai, "How do we find snakes so quickly? Evolutionary predisposed visual system"

Invited Address: D.O. Hebb Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award (1-1:50pm)
Chair: Matthew Cooper
Speaker: Edward Wasserman, "Unhinging design: Reconsidering the role of planning and foresight in the origin of adaptive behavior"

Presidential Address (4-4:50pm)
Chair: Mark Bouton
Speaker: Gordon Burghardt, "Slithering towards Bethlehem: What reptiles can teach us about behavioral development"

Sunday, August 7

Invited Symposium: Exploring the Self-Wolds of Nonhuman Animals via Advances in Biotelemetry Technology (10-11:50am)
Chair: Jesse Purdy


  • Jesse Purdy, "From Umwelt science to laboratory-developed behavioral theories: Can advances in biotelemetry technology improve their validity?"
  • Randall Davis, "What can Vdap's tell us about marine mammals in the wild?"
  • Marc Dupuis-Desormeaux, "Behavior and movement patterns of urban raccoons"
  • Heidi Hellmuth, "Voyeuristic zoo keeping: Using technology to support animal behavior research in a zoo setting"