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Member announcements: APA presidential election

Consider voting for a fellow Div. 6 member in this year's APA's president election.

Antonio E. PuenteAntonio E. Puente, fellow of Div. 6 (and former student of Don Dewsbury), is running for the position of APA president-elect. Of the five candidates running this year, he obtained the largest number of nominations. He is professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and works in the area of neuropsychology.

“APA's long and rich history of the science of psychology and the emergence of biological and neuroscientific concepts to explain behavior are critical to a vibrant future of psychology. It has been, I believe, over half a century since a Division 6 member has been president of the organization. It seems logical that with the resurgence of a bio/neuro perspective to address questions for psychology, that such a perspective should equally be reflected in APA's leadership.” — Antonio E. Puente, PhD

Editor's note: The division does not officially endorse any specific candidate. Any and all candidates are welcome to express how they might serve the needs of our division.