The Behavioral Neuroscientist and Comparative Psychologist: Past Issues

  • November 2017

    In this issue: Announcing 2017 award recipients, how DACA impacts scientists, surviving graduate school and more.

  • December 2016

    In this issue: A memorial for Stan Kuczaj; The salient writings of Zing-Yang Kuo; council report and more.

  • July 2015

    In this issue: reasons to support the Div. 6 name change; working to improve Wikipedia, honoring lifelong contributions to science and more.

  • March 2015

    In this issue: Educational Leadership Conference 2015, division name change, ethics of basic animal research and council report.

  • June 2012

    In this issue: Includes the APA Council of Representatives meeting report, 2012 Division 6 APA convention program, job search advice for early career psychologists, "Encourage your colleagues and students to join Division 6," "Historical trends in American comparative psychology," and an obituary for César Ades.

  • October 2011

    In this issue: New Division 6 officers and committee members, call for applications, call for nominations, call for proposals, and the 2012 APA Convention programing agenda.

  • April 2011

    In this issue: Message from the President; Towards an Evolutionary Comparative Family Psychology; Division Awards; and 2011 APA Convention Program

  • November 2010

    In this issue: Message from President; Comparative Evolutionary Psychology: Forging Forward; Comparative Psychology and Ethology; and Encourage Your Colleagues and Students to Join Division 6

  • July 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: Includes articles, "Comparative psychology and ethology," "Comparative evolutionary psychology: Forging forward," "Encourage your colleagues and students to join Division 6," and "Defending animal cognition research, and keeping Clever Hans in the barn."

  • September 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: Includes an introduction of new Division 6 officers, a message from president-elect, reflections of a past-president, "Letter on torture," APA Matters - Chapter 2, and a CARE Update.

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