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Div. 7 honors pioneers in developmental psychology.

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Andrew N. Meltzoff, PhD An overview of the accomplishments of Andrew Meltzoff, professor of psychology and co-director of the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington.

Meltzoff received the G. Stanley Hall Award from Div. 7, putting him on the same award list as Jerome Bruner (1975 awardee), his graduate advisor.The launchpad for his work was a 1977 paper in Science on neonatal imitation. His research also includes neuroimaging techniques and the study of how children acquire racial biases and prejudices.

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About the Great Leaders series

Div. 7 pays tribute to visionaries in the field of developmental psychology to serve as models for students and early career psychologists and to recognize the accomplishments of its members and other innovators. By featuring great leaders in Div. 7 and developmental psychology, the division seeks to showcase achievements and research in the field that will inspire others.

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