Thank you for joining the American Psychological Association’s Div. 7 (Developmental Psychology).

Div. 7 undertakes a variety of important activities. Div. 7 was organized to promote research in developmental psychology and facilitate its dissemination via Div. 7’s newsletter, website and APA convention program. 

It aims to enhance student education and early career development in our field, and to recognize outstanding contributions through presentation of a variety of awards:

  • G. Stanley Hall Award, to pay tribute to our most distinguished colleagues for career contributions.
  • Urie Bronfenbrenner Lifetime Achievement Award, to acknowledge contributions to social issues.
  • Mavis Hetherington Award for mid-career developmentalists who have made outstanding contributions to applied developmental science.
  • Mary Ainsworth Award to mid-career developmentalists who have made outstanding contributions to developmental science.
  • Boyd McCandless Award, for young investigators who have established a record of early contribution to our science.
  • Maccoby Book Award, for an outstanding book on developmental science.
  • Mentor Award, to acknowledge individuals who have made vital contributions to the field by their successful mentoring of students and younger colleagues.
  • Dissertation award, for outstanding graduate work.
  • Early Career outstanding paper award, for the best first-authored paper on developmental science by a graduate student or post-PhD (pre-tenure) individual.
  • In addition, the status of fellow of APA Div. 7 is recognition for major contributions to the field.

Div. 7 also has two monetary grants:

  • Dissertation Research Grant, to support the dissertation research of an outstanding graduate student.
  • Early Career Research Grant, for post-PhD scholars who have not been funded externally.

For more information on awards and grants, including submission process and deadlines, please consult Div. 7 Awards.

At the core of Div. 7’s mission is the promotion of scientific knowledge in applied settings and public policy decisions relevant to optimal development at all life stages. Because of its association with APA (with efforts facilitated greatly by its location in Washington, D.C., and offices dedicated to such advocacy), Div. 7 has the ability to influence psychological science, grant priorities and social policy related to human development, at the national level.

In a recent effort to promote scientific knowledge in applied settings, the leaders of seven APA divisions. Including Div. 7, formed a consortium to develop a web-based resource for behavioral information on children, youth and families. This resource serves as a gateway to a network of websites that provide scientific information and evidence-based approaches to promote healthy development. Currently, Div. 7, along with Div. 37 (Family Policy and Practice), is also leading a Joint Task Force on Physical Punishment of Children to review research on spanking and its effects. 

All memberships run January through December. If you are a new member to Div. 7, then your first year is $12. If you are a student member, then your membership is $6. After the first year, membership is $24 per year. APA membership is not required. If you would like to add or update your email address, please send us an email. Please let us know if your address or email address changes during the year.

You can also join the Div. 7 Listserv, and remember to check out the Div. 7 newsletter.

If there’s anything I can do to help as you navigate the division and begin to network with your colleagues, please let me know. We are delighted to have you as a member of Div. 7.


If you are not yet a member of Div. 7, we hope you will explore our member benefits and consider joining

Last reviewed: August 2020Date created: June 2017