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Presidential Column

Div. 7 President, Michael E. Lamb, discusses the upcoming 2017 APA Convention.

By Michael E. Lamb

As summer begins, it's time to think about APA's 2017 Annual Convention, Aug. 3-6, in Washington, DC. Elsewhere in this newsletter, you'll find details about the program. You'll see that there are three busy days of lectures, talks, symposia and posters dealing with all aspects of developmental science. The quality of the program reflects the hard work and creativity of Kristina Schmid Callina, Div. 7's program chair, and I am sure you would all like to join me in thanking Kristina for her outstanding work.

Importantly, sessions in the core Div. 7 program have been scheduled to avoid relevant competing sessions, so attendees will be able to attend all the sessions of interest, without having to rush between sessions. Indeed, it is the opportunity to hear many first-rate developmentalists, young and old, and to engage in conversation with them, which makes it worthwhile to attend convention. Although convention attracts many thousands of psychologists, it is easier than at-large specialty conferences like SRCD to attend talks on a broad range of topics without feeling the need to choose between sessions with similar content. And the smaller group of individuals attending sessions focused on topics of interest to members of the Division ensures that those people can interact meaningfully with one another. For those reasons, I urge members to attend convention this August and to consider submitting their work now for presentation at APA's 2018 Convention, which will be held in San Francisco the following August.

I know that August 2018 appears an eternity away from today, but I need to mention it now because the planning process is so prolonged. In part, this is because APA puts a premium on content likely to interest members of more than one division, and so the program chairs spend a lot of time negotiating with one another and fine-tuning submission ideas. If you would like to consider organizing a symposium for 2018 Convention, please contact next year's program chair, Matt Stevenson, so he can help you prepare a timely submission that is most likely to make it onto the program.

Besides member-initiated symposia, papers and posters, convention also affords the opportunity to honor and hear from colleagues at all stages of their careers who have made exceptional contributions to our discipline. To mark their awards, many of them present invited lectures, often summarizing decades of distinguished research and scholarship. Each year, for example, the recipients of the division's two major Senior Awards, the G. Stanley Hall Award and the Bronfenbrenner Award) and the Division's major award for early career scholars (the Boyd McCandless Award, are invited to present extended lectures. Unfortunately, one of the two recipients of the Hall Award, Grazyna Kochanska, is unable to attend, but her co-recipient, Nathan Fox will address convention, as will the recipient of the Bronfenbrenner Award, E. Mark Cummings, and two of the three McCandless Award winners, Marjorie Rhodes and Luke Hyde (co-recipient Willem Frankenhuis is unfortunately unable to attend). In addition, Mary Dozier has agreed to give the Presidential lecture at my invitation, and Kristin Moore is chairing a panel of experts discussing the interface between policy making and developmental science. 

All of these lectures will showcase exciting, cutting-edge scholarship, and I hope many of you will be able to attend. Details about the scheduling of these and other division programming are provided later in this newsletter.

Div. 7 is relatively small, which makes it possible for members to interact and develop collaborative relationships quite easily. Without wanting to lose those advantages, we are also eager to expand and broaden the membership. In particular, the profile of our members is quite bi-modal—the dominant groups are student members and older members (i.e., members my age and older).

I encourage all members to invite their colleagues and students to join (if you have questions, please contact our membership chair, Sonja Brubacher, and to become more actively involved in division activities, perhaps by joining a committee or being elected to one of the Executive Committee offices. If you would like to participate more actively, do let me know, either in person at convention or by e-mail.

 Best wishes for a healthy and rewarding summer.