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You have decided to migrate your division’s website to The migration process is a collaborative effort between the division and APA's digital communications team that requires several steps. Welcome to — we look forward to working with you to migrate your website.

The APA's digital communications team, sometimes also referred to as APA's web team, will email the designated division contact person, stating that we are ready to begin the migration process and to present the division website color scheme (PDF, 4.7MB) and layout options (PDF,1MB). 

In addition, one of our graphic artists will contact you about repurposing your existing logo or designing a new one.

Next, we'll send you a spreadsheet containing URLs from your current website to review so that you can decide what content should be migrated and what should be omitted.

After we've received feedback from you about what content should be migrated, we will map the new website and then begin building it with that content. We will inform you when the migration process has started. At this time, we will check with you to see if any new content has been added to your old website that should also be migrated.

After your draft website has been completed, we will send you the URL for the preview website along with instructions on how to review it. After you've reviewed the preview website, we will complete any updates you request. When you've approved the final product, we'll be ready for the new website to go live.

After the new website has been launched, you can (and should) make a backup copy of your old website and shut it down (unless it is still hosing databases or other third-party applications to which you are linking). All content that was migrated should be removed. If desired, the division is responsible for setting up a redirect from their old landing page to their new landing page on

Once your new website is live, keep it up-to-date and post new content by submitting requests by email.

Last updated: October 2020Date created: March 2016

Considering migration?

If you are interested in migrating your division site to, please contact APA's digital communications team.