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There are many offices within APA that collaborate with divisions. Divisions wiith APA-hosted websites, which use the URL beginning with, will coordinate primarily with APA's digital communications divisions web content specialists, who are knowledgeable and up-to-date on best web practices for web content, editing, writing, layout and design. (We encourage you to review our full description of the services and benefits provided by APA's divisions web editors.)

APA's digital communications team, Division Engagement and other offices supporting divisions

APA's web team, which is part of APA's larger digital communications office, collaborates with many offices across APA as it works to service APA's divisions. It should be noted that the web team is a separate office within APA from Division Engagement and other offices, and so while information submitted to other APA offices may belong on your division website, changes to your website will not occur unless your division's web liaison submits a request for such changes to APA's web team.

If your division's web liaison has questions or changes about your APA-hosted website, please contact APA's division web editors

If your division has general APA or division related questions, please contact your Division Engagement account liaison, who will be happy to respond to your division's needs.

Last updated: December 2020Date created: August 2019